Launch Aerostack for AR Drone 2.0

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This section shows how to launch Aerostack for the aerial platform AR Drone 2.0.

Hardware Configuration

In this example we assume that the following hardware is used:

  • An air vehicle Parrot AR Drone (other aerial platforms can be used with Aerostack).

  • A computer with wifi connection.

Launch the system

To launch and start running the system, open a new terminal and, then, perform the following tasks:

  1. Make sure the drone is on, and reset it if needed.

  2. Connect the computer to the drone wifi (e.g., ardrone2_002410).

  3. Execute the ROS master node:

     $ roscore
  4. In a new terminal window, go to the directory which contains the launchers (it includes different pre-configured .sh files that launch the set of processes for different mission types):

     $ cd ${AEROSTACK_STACK}/launchers 
  5. Execute the script to launch all processes:

     $ ./

Now, it is possible to operate the drone through the user interface controls (see Graphical User Interface).

To stop and terminate all program executions, it is necessary to perform the following steps in the terminal console:

    $ cd ${AEROSTACK_STACK}/launchers 
    $ ./
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