Motion control processes

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Process System Launcher Comments
Basic actions controller Motor system droneMidLevelAutopilotROSModule.launch Take-off, land, hover
Trajectory controller Motor system droneTrajectoryControllerROSModule.launch Setpoint-based flight control
Tracker eye Feature extraction droneTrackerEyeROSModule.launch Vision-based flight control. NOTE (1)
Visual servoing control Motor system DroneIBVSControllerROSModule.launch Vision-based flight control.
OpenTLD translator Motor system droneOpenTLDTranslatorROSModule.launch Vision-based flight control. NOTE (2)

NOTE(1): To activate this Feature for the AR Drone it is necessary to copy the files from the config folder: ardrone_camera_bottom.yaml and ardrone_camera_front.yaml to the folder in the home directory:.ros/camera_info/

NOTE (2): Required launchers: ${AEROSTACK_STACK}/launchers/ardrone_launch/launch_files/opentld_for_IBVSController.launch ${AEROSTACK_STACK}/launchers/ardrone_launch/launch_files/opentld_gui_for_IBVSController.launch

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