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Teleoperation with "Drone simulator"

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Teleoperation with Drone-simulator

Drone-simulator is a program that simulates the dynamics of a quadrotor. With this project, you can launch Aerostack with Drone-simulator and teleoperate the drone using the keyboard. After installing this project, perform the following steps:

  1. Execute the ROS master node:

     $ roscore
  2. Open another terminal and change your current directory to the folder that contains the launcher of this project:

      $ cd $AEROSTACK_STACK/projects/teleoperation_drone_simulator 
  3. Execute the script that launches the Aerostack components for this project:

     $ ./

    An ArViz window will pop up showing a 3D image with a drone.

    A set of terminals with different tabs is presented. Select the tab corresponding to the drone interface:

Aerostack now is ready to operate the simulated drone. Teleoperate the drone with the alphanumeric interface using the appropriate keys. Here you can see how to use the keyboard:

Here there is a video that shows the execution of this project:

Teleoperation with Drone simulator

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