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VisionEval is a model system and supporting software framework for building collaborative disaggregate strategic planning models.


Documentation for VisionEval is online at


You can retrieve the current binary release of VisionEval from


Please submit issues, bugs, or feature requests about VisionEval on the VisionEval-Dev issues page.

Please submit issues or content change requests about the website on the issues page.

For Developers: Building

To modify and rebuild the VisionEval system, clone the VisionEval repository.

If you intend to submit changes back to the VisionEval project, please clone the VisionEval-Dev repository, development branch. Pull requests to this branch are welcomed.

Pre-built binary installers of recently released versions (the "master" branch) are available at

You can install directly from a copy (.zip) or clone of this VisionEval repository branch, using the instructions in the build/ file on a VisionEval code branch.

VisionEval Repositories

There are four repositories to serve different purposes:

  • VisionEval: Public release version of VisionEval. There is one master branch only. This wiki is associated with the VisionEval repository. If you have a bug report or other issue, create an issue instead in the VisionEval-Dev repository (here).

  • VisionEval-Dev: Main repository for developers and power-users who want to contribute code improvements. There are multiple branches, including master (which is can be considered the beta release) and development where active code development happens. Additional branches can be used to evaluate new features or pull requests. Developers / power-users should create issues and pull requests to this repository.

  • Website repository. You can create issues here for website-related change requests.

  • VisionEval-Docs: Documentation respository.

See the Repository Structure page in the wiki for more details.