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Packaged versions of the VisionEval framework are provided as .zip files. Each has an installation .bat file for Windows to automatically prepare the R environment.

These installers are packaged for R versions from 3.5.1 to 3.6.1.

Instructions for Installing

  1. Install one of the supported R versions using its default options (R 3.5.1 to 3.6.1). Make sure to leave the box checked that offers to add R to the Windows registry.
  2. Download the corresponding installer .zip file
  3. Unzip the downloaded installer into an empty folder of your choice
  4. Double-click “VisionEval.bat” (this is the standard entry point – use it every time to start VisionEval)
    a. If VisionEval has not run before, the batch file and associated script will set up a few pointers and the convenience functions (see below)
    b. Otherwise, it will move straight to step 5.a below
  5. A command window will briefly appear followed by one of these:
    a. RGUI with the “Welcome to VisionEval!” message (you’re good to go)
    b. Your default browser pointing at the R download page (if you forgot to do step 1 or if you picked the wrong version) – just redo step 1 or steps 2/3 to get them consistent
  6. The previous instructions for launching VEGUI, VERPAT, etc. remain the same.
    a. vegui() starts VEGUI
    b. verpat() runs VERPAT in RGUI
    c. verspm() runs VERSPM in RGUI
    d. Note that there’s no helper function to run VESTATE from the command line yet – that will be added to the installation in a future release. You can just setwd() to the VE-State folder under “models” and then source(‘Run_Model.R’).
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