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Developer Orientation

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Assumptions + prerequisites

  • Understand R
  • Understand basic statistics, data analysis, and modeling principles
  • Understand how to build R packages
  • Understand how to use GitHub and TravisCI
  • Understand RShiny and shinytest if contributing to the User Interface

Get VisionEval running

  • Use the Quick Start guide to download and run an example

Understand the development principles and organization of VisionEval framework

Skim useful references to know about

Go thru relevant Package Development Tutorials

  • Vignette for adding a module to existing package [ Status: needs to be developed ]
  • Vignette for making changes to existing module [ Status: needs to be developed ]

Understand licensing

  • VisionEval uses this LICENSE
  • Each package has a DESCRIPTION file and a LICENSE file
  • The source files do not contain license and/or copyright information