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Development Roadmap

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This page maintains our development roadmap, including a wishlist for VisionEval. The current set of work packages are:


  • Safety and security: link policies to safety outcomes including ITS, autonomous vehicles, multimodal countermeasures
  • Mobility: roadway and ITS mobility measure, better congestion model sensitive to network connectivity, local/long distance freight modules, roadway reliability
  • Accessibility and connectivity: impact of well-connected bike/walk network, transit-autonomous vehicle connections, expanded TDM programs, intercity commutes and distance to CBD, modules to address emerging modes
  • Community and economic vitality: Research on economic growth outcomes and feedback, congestion pricing
  • Land use: allow specific multimodal impacts based on built form, employment and work location attributes
  • Equity: transit access, shared economic growth, affordable housing indicator, case studies of equity measures from existing outputs
  • Environmental stewardship: availability of EV charging infrastructure
  • Strategic investment and financial responsibility: improved cost accounting framework (life cycle cost, asset management, user cost by income, transit fares)
  • Integration with other tools like TREDIS, ITHIM, land use sketch tools, input pre-processor (bike, ITS, TO)
  • US/global comparisons for inputs
  • Case studies of scenario planning using VisionEval tools