A dark blue theme with orange hints for GNOME Shell 3.20.x
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A dark blue theme with orange hints for GNOME Shell 3.20.x THIS THEME IS DISCONTINUED: as long as GNOME doesn't change ABI's, it will keep working though.


![Screenshot](Fresh-Finesse/Screenshot from 2016-08-10 10-28-19.png)

![Screenshot](Fresh-Finesse/Screenshot from 2016-08-10 10-28-51.png)


  • If you haven't already, install the User Themes extension: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/19/user-themes/
  • Open a terminal window (using your menu/launcher or using CTRL+Alt+T)
  • If you haven't installed Git, install it with your distro's package management (e.g. sudo apt install git or sudo pacman -S git)
  • Copy the following command and paste it in the terminal:
git clone https://github.com/Vistaus/Fresh-Finesse.git
  • Issue the following command to change to the theme's directory:
cd Fresh-Finesse
  • Then issue the following command to copy the theme to the system's themes directory:
sudo cp -R Fresh-Finesse /usr/share/themes
  • Now open Tweak Tool and apply the theme by selecting it in the list under Appearance --> Shell theme



If there's any updates (commits) to this theme, you can get them by changing to the cloned directory (see above) and issueing the following command:

git pull

Then copy the theme over to the system's themes directory again (see above).