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Vita3K is an experimental PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux and macOS.


The emulator currently runs a few homebrew programs in .vpk format. No commercial games are playable.

vitaQuake by Rinnegatamante

VitaTester by SMOKE5


Vita3K is licensed under the GPLv2 license. This is largely dictated by external dependencies, most notably Unicorn.


Vita3K binaries for Windows can be downloaded on AppVeyor.



CMake is used to generate Visual Studio and Xcode project files. It is assumed that you have CMake installed and on your path. Other dependencies are provided as Git submodules or as prebuilt binaries.

After cloning, open a command prompt in Vita3K's directory and run:

git submodule update --init --recursive

to get all submodules.

Windows (Visual Studio)

  1. Run gen-windows.bat to create a build-windows directory and generate a Visual Studio solution in there.
  2. Open the Vita3K.sln solution.
  3. Set the startup project to emulator.
  4. Build.

macOS (Xcode)

  1. Run gen-macos.sh to create a build-macos directory and generate an Xcode project in there.
  2. Open the Vita3K.xcodeproj project.
  3. When prompted to create schemes, create one for the emulator target only. The project builds many targets, so it will make your life easier if you create schemes as needed.
  4. Build.


  1. Get SDL (2.0.7+)
  2. git submodule init && git submodule update
  3. gen-linux.sh
  4. cd build-linux
  5. make, or make -jN where "N" is the amount of cores in your system.


Specify the path to a .vpk file as the first command line argument, or run Vita3K --help from the command-line for a full list of options. For more detailed instructions on running/installing games on all platforms, please read the #info-faq channel on our Discord server.

Bugs and issues

The project is at an early stage, so please be sensitive to that when opening new issues. Expect crashes, glitches, low compatibility and poor performance.


Thanks go out to people who offered advice or otherwise made this project possible, such as Davee, korruptor, Rinnegatamante, ScHlAuChi, Simon Kilroy, TheFlow, xerpi, xyz, Yifan Lu and many others.


If you would like to show your appreciation or even help fund development, the project has a Patreon page.


The purpose of the emulator is not to enable illegal activity.

PlayStation and PS Vita are trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. The emulator is not related to or endorsed by Sony, or derived from confidential materials belonging to Sony.