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@squidicuzz squidicuzz released this Feb 3, 2019 · 185 commits to master since this release

Critical Update

Vitae version 4.4.0 release contains urgent fixes to prevent a potential exploit that allows a malicious actor to amplify their staking weight and also spam invalid blocks to nodes. This release also contains other fixes and improvements. Please see release notes for a full overview.

Change List:

  • Fix a runtime issue when run with option -debug
  • [CRITICAL] Fix block spam exploit issue.
  • Fix rare case that causes infinite loop in the staking thread.
  • Fix multisend UI display error in QT
  • Remove no longer needed debug messages
  • Fix masternode protocol version check.
    • Add and fix masternode SPORK control variable. Implement SPORK_21
    • Fix issue with compatibility of masternodes between different protocol versions. This eases the impact of updates to the network by not knocking all outdated masternodes offline.
  • Fix edge case issue with autocombinerewards getting stuck..
  • Implement BIP65 Support - Check Lock Time Verify (CLTV).
  • Add additional info to getblockchaininfo rpc command to show softforks
  • Adjust seed peers and include additional nodes.
  • Fix masternode count issue
  • Implement getmasternodestatus rpc command
  • Update copyright year.
  • Update version tags for release

Note: Added 32 bit linux version at request of user and relabeled 64 bit binaries April 21, 2020 1587454119 UTC

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