Script to migrate Elastix Installations to VitalPBX
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Elastix to VitalPBX

Script and resources to migrate Elastix Installations to VitalPBX

How to Install The Script

  1. If you don't have installed git app, install it in the following way:
yum install git -y
  1. Clone the repository:
cd /usr/share
git clone elastix_to_vpbx

How to Used

  1. Make a backup of your elastix database
mysqldump -uroot -pYOURPASS asterisk > elastix.sql
  1. Upload the generated sql file to VitalPBX Server
  2. Mount your Elastix database on VitalPBX server
mysql -uroot -e"create database elastix"
mysql -uroot elastix < elastix.sql
  1. Execute the migration script
php /usr/share/elastix_to_vpbx/migrate.php

What migrates this Script?

Whit this script you can migrate the following data:

  • Extensions
  • Announcements
  • Classes of Services
  • Recordings (Only the table data, no the files)
  • Call Backs
  • Custom Destinations (Misc Destinations)
  • IVRs
  • Queues
  • DISA
  • Trunks
  • Outbound Routes
  • Inbound Routes
  • Ring Groups
  • Conferences
  • Time Conditions
  • Time Groups
  • Call Groups & Pickup Groups

Important Note

This script only migrates the data from Elastix database, so, you will need to upload your recordings after migration.

This script is only compatible with the Version 2.0.5 of VitalPBX and above