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New version

As was announced, the development of the new version of DOCX2JATS converter has started. It will be written with PHP without any 3rd party code. The source code is available here.


Java project, aimed to facilitate DOCX to JATS XML transformation for scientific articles.

For now it uses TEIC Stylesheets for the hard work and Java standard library for the more subtle parsing of references, tables and figure captions etc. It is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Also projects uses saxon9he for OOXML to JATS XML transformation. It is distributed under Mozilla Public License version 1.0.

In the future releases it is planned to refuse from the third party software.

What it does?

Downloads docx file, unpacks it to default users' temp directory, parses OOXML and transformes it to JATS XML. For the best result docx document should include good markup:

  1. Titles, subtitles etc
  2. Bibliography as separate list at the end of the documents. Title for bibliography should be explicitly pointed as "references" or "список використаної літератури".
  3. In-text citations should be pointed as [1], [2] or [3,4,5]. For now are supported only citations in square brackets.
  4. In-text references for tables and figures are parsed if they mark as "tabl 1.", "table 1", "fig. 1", "figure" or cyrillic analogs.
  5. Table and Figure titles for parsing are needed to be situated right above the table or figure. Example: "Table 1. Example table title". For captions there is a need to place them after table and figure and start caption with *. Example: * This table caption will be parsed
  6. For best result bibliography list should be written in AMA or Vancouver citation style. Supports journal articles, books, chapters and conferences.
  7. Examples of well-formed docx files for parsing are presented in the root directory of the project (article1.docx, article2.docx).

How to use?

Download and unpack the latest release: and run as executable jar file. Please note that jar file and article docx file must be in one parent directory with stylesheets folder. Archive contains 1.jar file and stylesheets folder, which need to be unziped into one directory. Because I am not good programmer, there is a need to place article in docx format in this folder before making transformation. Suppose archive is unzipped on the drive C in the jats folder. Input article article1.docx is also situated there. From windows cmd user need to go to this folder and enter: java -jar 1.jar article1.docx article1.xml

From version 1.0.3 there is no need to copy input article to the folder, where is executable jar file situated. But if one points the full path to the jar file, path to the input article must also be absolute. Otherwise the programm would not find stylesheets folder, e.g.: java -jar 1.jar D:\article\article1.docx article1.xml or jar -jar C:\DOCX2JATS\1.jar D:\article\article1.docx article1.xml

Please not, that the user must have permissions to write to the specified output folder.


Java project, aimed to facilitate DOCX to JATS XML transformation for scientific articles







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