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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os, sys
import tempfile
import html2text
import markdown
import tools
import out
def ENMLtoText(contentENML):
contentENML = contentENML.decode('utf-8')
content = html2text.html2text(contentENML)
return content.encode('utf-8')
def textToENML(content):
Create an ENML format of note.
if not isinstance(content, str):
content = ""
content = unicode(content,"utf-8")
contentENML = markdown.markdown(content).encode("utf-8")
out.failureMessage("Error. Content must be an UTF-8 encode.")
return tools.exit()
body = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'
body += '<!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM "">'
body += '<en-note>%s</en-note>' % contentENML
return body
def edit(content=None):
Call the system editor, that types as a default in the system.
Editing goes in markdown format, and then the markdown converts into HTML, before uploading to Evernote.
if content is None:
content = ""
if not isinstance(content, str):
raise Exception("Note content must be an instanse of string, '%s' given." % type(content))
(tmpFileHandler, tmpFileName) = tempfile.mkstemp()
os.write(tmpFileHandler, ENMLtoText(content))
# Try to find default editor in the system.
editor = os.environ.get("editor")
if not (editor):
editor = os.environ.get("EDITOR")
if not (editor):
# If default editor is not finded, then use nano as a default.
editor = "nano"
# Make a system call to open file for editing.
os.system(editor + " " + tmpFileName)
newContent = open(tmpFileName, 'r').read()
return textToENML(newContent)
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