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<title>VitoshAcademy JQ</title>
<script src=""></script>
$("#main1").last().css({"background": "#888888" , "border-bottom": "3px double red"});
$("#main1 div:first-child").css({"background": "#CECACE" , "border-bottom": "3px double red"});
$("#main2").children().css({"background": "#999999" , "border-bottom": "3px double red"});
$("#main2 div:last-child").last().css({"background": "#ABBBBA" , "border-bottom": "3px double blue"});
$("#main3 div:nth-child(2)").append( "<span> - That is the second child!</span>" );
$("#main3 div:nth-child(3)").css({"border": "5px double green"});
<div id="main1">
<hr />
<div id="main2">
<hr />
<div id="main3">
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