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<script src=""></script>
$("#information").html("You clicked over an image <hr>");
var coordinates = ""+ event.pageX + "< -- >" + event.pageY + "";
$("#information").html("You are moving over an image <hr>" + coordinates);
$("#information").html("<iframe width=100% src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe>");
$(this).html("<i>Can you find how to start Youtube?</i>");
<h1>VitoshAcademy.Com Table Game</h1>
<table border = "1">
<td><img src="images/i1.jpg" id="i1" height="40%"/></td>
<td><img src="images/i2.jpg" id="i2" height="40%"/></td>
<td><img src="images/i3.jpg" id="i3" height="40%"/></td>
<td id="information" bgcolor="lightblue"></td>
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