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VBA Personal

  • Inititally the idea was to have a repository, for the personal.xlsb.
  • Then it grew bigger.
  • Then I read an article about Hungarian Notation and I have decided to use it.
  • Then I read what Joel thought about it and it and I have decided to abandon it completely.
  • Now (since 2018 or so) it is pretty much anything good that I write, that could be reused, so I do not have to reinvent the wheel every week. If I have to reuse it, I sometimes change the naming convention, avoiding the bad Hungarian notation and the bad_naming_with_underscores_which_i_was_using_before.
  • One day (probably never), when I have time I would group them in a better way.
  • Until then, I would use the search option.
  • Feel free to do the same.
  • Pull requests are welcomed.

Good luck, have fun from VitoshAcademy


VBA Boilerplate

Building a boilerplate, which is to be used by as a start point for every VBA project was long in my mind. Somewhere in 2016 I have decided to put all the useful VBA code that I am using in a single repository. That repository used to "live" here -

But then it come back to the repo you are currently reading from. Keep on moving!


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Thanks for all the stars! ⭐⭐⭐

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