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VitruvianTech™ JIRA Server
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VitruvianTech JIRA

This project is an open source Docker image of VitruvianTech's JIRA configuration, complete with mardown fields (instead of JIRA's default Wiki fields), automated time logging between progress statuses to precisely track workers' hours, flawless Agile boards and workflows, and transition post-functions for testing/QA efficiency (automatic assignments between assignees and "operators" during the ticket lifecycle.)

The image is ready to be deployed to your AWS ECR repository and Elastic Beanstalks for immediate robust project management bootstrapping.

Our configuration is designed for CI/CD, and can be used to manage Agile software projects, as well as high-level business projects.


  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • Docker host/daemon running


  • Launch any server instance.
  • Install docker and docker-compose.
  • Pull this repository (git clone
  • Change to jira project directory (cd jira.)
  • Optional: Setup SSL configuration (see SSL/Nginx Configuration below.)
  • Install and run JIRA (see Installing/Running below.)


Run docker-compose up (or npm run start) from the project directory.

After the image has been downloaded and the container has been started, JIRA should be running on the server at http://localhost:8080.

To run as a background process, execute [SSL_HOST=<domain>] docker-compose up & (see SSL/Nginx Configuration below for optional SSL setup.)

JIRA Admin Credentials

Username: services
Password: h@v3blu3

SSL/Nginx Configuration

To add SSL support:

  • Create a directory called ssl under the project root.
  • Add your certificate and private key as jira.crt and jira.key under the ssl directory.
  • Start Docker with SSL_HOST environment variable, set to the domain which JIRA will be running.
    • For example: docker-compose up

To add an optional custom Nginx configuration:

  • Create a directory called etc under the project root.
  • Add nginx.conf with your custom Nginx and host configurations under the etc directory.
  • SSL certificate and key can be found inside the container under /etc/nginx/ssl/ (which can be referenced from nginx.conf.)


JIRA server and all add-on licenses are evaluation only.

For a complete setup, please purchase licenses from Atlassian (a total ~30 USD value) for a full production installation.

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