Integration with eCommerce platforms

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In case you are using one of the existing e-Commerce platforms, there are numerous plugins that have been developed for allowing easy integration of Viva Payments as checkout method.

These plugins cover the following platforms/versions:

CScart 4
Drupal Commerce
Drupal UberCart
Drupal UberCart 3
Joomdonation EShop
Magento 1
Magento 2.1
OpenCart 1.4
OpenCart 1.5
OpenCart 2 / 2.2
OpenCart 2.3
OpenCart 3
osCommerce 2
VirtueMart 1
VirtueMart 2
VirtueMart 3
WordPress WP e-Commerce
WordPress Jigoshop
WordPress WooCommerce
Zen Cart

Code in the current site is provided as is. Viva Payments is not responsible for any potentially harmful use. Therefore, beyond the desired functionality under the related terms of use, the merchant's software/system engineers (or any other party involved) are responsible for the safe use of code for developing software as well as for safeguarding the systems that host this software, by making use of international best practices & standards such as:
OWASP Guide & OWASP Secure Coding Practices (from OWASP)
SEI CERT Coding Standards (from CERT)
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