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Welcome to the Viva Wallet API and eCommerce Integrations

Start accepting payments instantly with easy to use checkout pages, eCommerce platforms' plugins and an API for custom integrations.

Below you'll find steps on how your business can start accepting payments with Viva Wallet.

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Not sure yet? Open a Demo Merchant Account instead.

There are multiple ways to accept payments with Viva Wallet

Method How Requires
Website or Blog Integrate the Simple or Redirect checkout forms or a payment button Ability to edit website HTML
eCommerce Store Install a shopping cart plugin for Shopify, Wordpress, Zen Cart, Magento and more. Ability to install plugin
Mobile App Integrate your iOS or Android app with our Mobile API Programming Experience
Payment Notification Send payment notifications (email invoices) to request payments Web browser
Virtual Terminal Key in payments from your browser with Virtual Terminal and get paid fast. Web browser
Custom Integration Integrate with our API or Native Checkout form Programming Experience

Website or Blog

Adding Viva Wallet to your website only requires basic HTML editing abilities. If you have access to your website’s HTML code, then you can receive payments with Viva Wallet. These options can also be used for donations of variable amounts.

Simple Checkout


The Simple Checkout is the simplest way to add payments to your website. A payment button on your page opens a payment overlay. Once payment has been received by the user, they can close the overlay and return to the page.

Create a payment flow with Simple Checkout

Redirect Checkout


The Redirect Checkout is very similar to Simple Checkout, but instead of opening an overlay on your website, the user is directed to a special payment page hosted by Viva Wallet. Once the user completes purchase, they are redirected back to a success page of your choice. It involves minimum technical effort from your side and offers the widest variety of payment options.

Create a payment flow with Redirect Checkout.

Payment button

If you own a website or blog, you can integrate Viva Wallet without writing any code, simply by creating and adding a "Pay Now" button.

To create your own buttons you need to sign in to your account and follow the path:

Accept Payments / Payment Buttons / New Button

Then you may enter the information requested in order to automatically create the HTML code for your "Pay Now" button and embed it into your site.

eCommerce Store

Plugins can be installed in popular shopping cart services to enable payments. Once you install a plugin, payments will be enabled in your checkout flow.

We support plugins for many popular shopping cart systems:

CScart, CScart 4, Drupal Commerce, Drupal UberCart, Drupal UberCart 3, HikaShop, Joomdonation EShop, JoomShopping, K2Store, Magento 1, Magento 2.1, OpenCart 1.4, OpenCart 1.5, OpenCart 2 / 2.3, osCommerce 2, PrestaShop, TomatoCart, VirtueMart 1, VirtueMart 2, VirtueMart 3, WordPress WP e-Commerce, WordPress Jigoshop, WordPress WooCommerce, Zen Cart, Shopify.

Install a plugin

Payment Notifications

Payment Notifications enable you to request payment for a specific amount from a customer of yours. Here's how it works:

Create a Payment Notification with the amount, the recipient's (payee's) email and a description.

  1. The user receives the payment notification in their email inbox
  2. Clicking to pay brings them to a Viva Wallet payment page.
  3. After they complete the payment, that's it! -- you're both notified.

Create a Payment Notification

Virtual Terminal

It’s as easy as you expect—enter your customer’s credit or debit card information, click Charge, and that’s it. You get your funds as fast as the next business day.

Your customers can receive a digital receipt every time they pay.

Learn more about Viva Wallet Virtual Terminal

Custom Integration

Native Checkout


You can use Native Checkout to power custom products and enable them with the ability to receive payments. Its advantage is that the customer never leaves your website/checkout flow as well as your branding. Using Native Checkout requires programming experience, but anyone with previous exposure to API integration, should find it easy to use.

Get started with Native Checkout

Mobile Checkout / API

It is a typical scenario for a mobile app to offer a checkout form with payment options. If this is the case with your app, Viva Wallet offers a powerful set of API Calls that can help you build a payment form easily and securely.

The core idea is that you never get your hands on the sensitive card data of your customer. A simple and intuitive process of card tokenization allows you to perform payments without having to store sensitive data in your systems. You then use the generated token to execute the transaction.

Get started with Mobile Checkout / API.

Viva Wallet API

Configuration and API Base URLs for Demo and Live Environments

Lets first get familiarized with the work environments.

Demo Environment
  • http://demo.vivapayments.com - The demo work environment can be used for all your development/demonstration requirements. No actual payments are made from this environment.
  • A successful transaction can be simulated (in the demo environment only), with the demo card number 4111 1111 1111 1111 with any future expiration date and 111 for the CVV2. All other card numbers will result in a failed transaction. You can create demo accounts from here, all that is required is a mobile phone number.
  • Minimum transaction amount is 0.30 EUR
Live Environment (Production)

API Authentication

To successfully authenticate Viva Wallet API calls please refer to this guide

Other functions supported via the API

No matter what your platform may be or which integration method you choose, you may need to perform some additional operations concerning transactions. Examples for such operations are Verifying the successful execution of a payment, Cancellation of an Order or Transaction etc.
Viva Wallet offers some API calls to assist you with these operations:

GET /api/transactions/{id} - Get all details for a specific transaction, or for all transactions of a given date.
DELETE /api/orders/{id} - Cancel a previously created order.
POST /api/transactions/{id} - Make a recurring payment, or capture an authorised transaction
DELETE /api/transactions/{id} - Cancel or refund a payment.

Code Samples

Example code for integrating Viva Wallet with your e-commerce site can be found here

Help & Support

Feel free to post your questions to our online community for developers here

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