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A simple example of hand interaction and occlusion for the VIVE SRWorks SDK
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A Vive SRWorks Hand Interaction example for Unity


The example scene included shows how to occlude and interact with virtual objects (a sphere and a cube) with your hands.

  • In this example, by default the occlusion is using a depth mask (you can enable/disable it in the Manager object)

  • You can also view the hand's mesh instead of the occlusion depth mask by enabling it in the Manager object:


  • To slap/punch (without going through the object) enable the HandRacketCollisionObj in the scene (you can optionally make it visible by enabling the Mesh Renderer on it)



  • VIVE Pro (make sure cameras are enabled and working in settings)
  • ViveSRWorks Unity package: Vive-SRWorks- or later versions. Download the latest VIVE SRWorks SDK from:


Note 1: tested on Unity 2018.2.16f1 Earlier versions of Unity had prefab issues on importing so the unity package was updated using 2017.4 but can be updated to Unity's latest release version.

Note 2: as of SRWorks v0.8.0.2 the ViveSR prefab requires you to enable the modules you will be using as shown:


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