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Complexity Calculation

This Program is a copy of my private github repo hence lacks other files.

It can be used to do the following:

  1. Do a simple calculations

    • String Usage: How many string literals are used in file.
    • ParameterCount: The number of parameters for function.
    • PackageComplexity: The number of imports used in file.
    • Returns: The number of return statements in function.
    • AllConditions: The total number of conditions in file.
  2. Using multiple visitors

    • SimpleCyclomaticComplexity: The number of if statements/loops + 1.
    • MaxMessageChains: The max length of a message chain in a function. A message chain can be formed from a method call (), a data access (.), or array access [0].
    • MaxConditions: The max number of conditions inside one if statement per function.
    • MaxNestingDepth: The max depth of scopes (nested ifs, loops, etc) per function.
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