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Ruby on Rails Application in which the user can book rooms based on availability. Admin and user login options are provided for admin and normal users. An Admin can add remove members. SuperAdmin can add other admins as well
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Some Login Credential:

Privilege email password
Superadmin pass
test user pass

CSC 517 - OODD

Program 1 - Ruby on Rails Application - Library Sys

The application is currently hosted at:

For accessing the project for the first time,

There are two options:

1) Sign up as a library member.

=> The name, email, password, confirmation should be entered.

=> We have currently set the minimum password length as 2.

=> After creation, you will be auto logged in. Please log out once and re-login to enable all library member functions.

2) Log in as the superadmin.

Superuser details:

Username:  Admin


Password:  pass

=> The password of the superadmin as well as the other admins can be updated.

=> The updation of the superadmin details can be done through the Update Profile Link in the menu.

The Features supported as per the given rubric:

1) Admin Functions:

=> The superadmin can log in, log out, and update his/her profile. The details given above will work. In case they don't please inform one of the contributors, we will reset the db again.

(A) To log in as superadmin:

Click on the Log In link on the home page.

(B) To log out:

Click on the Log Out link on the portal page.

(C) To update profile:

Click on the Update Profile link on the portal page.

(D) Create new admins:

PLEASE NOTE: For creating new admins, we have provided the option to the superadmin to create a new admin.

Click on User Management (this link will be displayed only in admins and superadmin accounts).

The superadmin or any other existing admins can assign/revoke the admin privilege for a user. 

An admin cannot revoke superadmin privilege. 

Team Members: Vivek Bhat:, Saloni Desai:, Priyal Jain:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed - Password is now hidden

  • Fixed - Advanced Room booking feature is fixed

  • Fixed - Admins/members could delete themself from the MyProfile page.

  • Fixed - Reservations and rooms and members should be linked. Deleting any one should have a cascading effect.

  • Fixed - Members/Admins can change every thing except their email ids

  • Fixed - Super admin settings cannot be changed at all. This is to make sure no one changes super user details (makes it difficult for others to review).

Team Members:

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