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In this project, Servers are provisioned using a code api from 2 different service providers. The code requests a new Virtual Machine and then save and print out the ip address of the new server created. Using configuration management to be able to build the repo and package managers such as npm, maven, etc. to declare and manage your software d…
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Provisioning Servers

Code for provisioning the two platforms.

The code to provision DigitalOcean and AWS EC2 is in the two files

To automate the process of creating the two servers and displaying their IP Adresses simultaneously, I have created a bash script to run the commands:

To run the programs do the following:

	npm install
	bash script 

Configuration management of repo.

Instead of uploading the Node_modules folder there is package.json file to resolve the dependencies of the project.

Screencast of the procedure

The Link to the screencast is:

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