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import as pdr
import fix_yahoo_finance as fix
import numpy as np
def back_test(strategy, seq_len, ticker, start_date, end_date, dim):
A simple back test for a given date period
:param strategy: the chosen strategy. Note to have already formed the model, and fitted with training data.
:param seq_len: length of the days used for prediction
:param ticker: company ticker
:param start_date: starting date
:type start_date: "YYYY-mm-dd"
:param end_date: ending date
:type end_date: "YYYY-mm-dd"
:param dim: dimension required for strategy: 3dim for LSTM and 2dim for MLP
:type dim: tuple
:return: Percentage errors array that gives the errors for every test in the given date range
data = pdr.get_data_yahoo(ticker, start_date, end_date)
stock_data = data["Adj Close"]
errors = []
for i in range((len(stock_data)//10)*10 - seq_len - 1):
x = np.array(stock_data.iloc[i: i + seq_len, 1]).reshape(dim) / 200
y = np.array(stock_data.iloc[i + seq_len + 1, 1]) / 200
predict = strategy.predict(x)
while predict == 0:
predict = strategy.predict(x)
error = (predict - y) / 100
total_error = np.array(errors)
print(f"Average error = {total_error.mean()}")
# If you want to see the full error list then print the following statement
# print(errors)
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