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Mathinfo L1


This is the content of a pluri-disciplinary class involving mathematics and computer science.

The SMCWorksheets folder contains worksheets to be run on the CoCalc online platform, using SageMath, the Sage mathematics software system, also called Sage for short. The intent is to teach the basics of Sage and Python through exercises and examples.

The Projects folder contains a list of pluri-disciplinary projects. Each of them is divided into two parts: the first part consists of mathematical questions, the second part is a computer exploration / modelization approach.

The projects are designed with SageMath in mind, but any programming language can be used instead.


This course was written for first year undergraduate students following the common program for mathematics, computer science and physics at Université Paris-Sud.

This course is an optional one, in the second semester of that program. Students have followed a programming class in the previous semester but most of them still have very little knowledge in programming.


The spirit of this class is to lead students to undertake challenging projects on their own, following their own ideas and questions.

Time frame

This is a one-semester class divided into 11 two-hour sessions plus one final four-hour session where students present their work. There is no formal lectures: every session is run in a computer room.

During the first 5 to 6 sessions, students work on prepared worksheets so that they can familiarize themselves with Sage and Python. The rest of the semester is dedicated to the realization of the projects. The time frame allows for most of the coding to be done in class, so that students can benefit from the help of those teaching the course.


I share the authorship of this course with Antoine Tonnoir.

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