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This project is in maintenance only mode. Myxer currently fulfills all of the use-cases I have for it, and I am too busy with work to justify time implementing feature requests for others. Pull Requests are welcome, so long as they maintain a high quality of code, and maintain the vision of the project. Thank you all! ❤️

A modern Volume Mixer for PulseAudio, built with you in mind.

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Myxer is a lightweight, powerful Volume Mixer built with modern UI design for a seamless user experience. Devices, Streams, and even Card profiles can all be managed with Myxer, providing a complete replacement for your system Volume Mixer.


Myxer adapts to your selected GTK theme so that it fits seamlessly into your stock applications.

Additionally, one can easily configure PulseAudio panel plugins to open Myxer when you click the "Audio Mixer" entry on the popup menu so that it behaves like a stock app, too!


Behind the context menu, there are options to show individual audio channels and even configure Audio Card profiles. There's no need for pavucontrol anymore.

Open Source

Myxer is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. It's being actively developed, and all issues and pull requests will be responded to promptly. It's also super lightweight, and should only take an hour or two to read through the source code, if that's your sort of thing. See Contributing for more details.

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