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Work in progress

A performant backbone.js based scrolling list implementation designed for HTML mobile applications. Supports pre-rendered lists and infinitely scrolling lists.


  • backbone.js
  • iscroll
  • jquery
  • underscore.js


Configuration options:

el - The element containing the +ul+ to scroll

template - A function to generate a string containing the default template to render for each list item. This must contain a top-level li tag.

data - The souce of data being listed

itemHeight - A function to calculate the height of the item at the specified index

render - A function to render the element at the given index

lazyImages - A function to get the lazy image url to render for the element at the given index. Default is to assume there are no lazy images

alphaNav - A function to specify the index locations of the first item that starts with each letter of the alphabet. If set, this will enable the alpha navigation bar


As just a basic scroller with pre-rendered content:

new TouchScrollListView({el: $element});

With an infinitely scrolling list:

new TouchScrollListView({
	el: $element,
	template: '<li class="user-list-item"><span class="name"></span></li>',
	data: [{id: 1, small: false}, {id: 2, small: true}, {id: 3, small: false}],
   	itemHeight: function(index, data) {
   		return data.small ? 50 : 100;
    render: function(item) {
    	// item.index, item.element,
        item.element.find('.name').text('Row ' + item.index);
    lazyImages: function(index, data) {
    	return [{selector: '.lazy', src: '' + index}];
    alphanav: function(data) {
    	return {a: 0, b: 2, f: 3};