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Backup Admin


  • Rails app - Web interface to configure backups
  • Delayed Job queue - Backup jobs are performed asynchronously from a queue. At least one queue process will need to be run (rake jobs:work)
  • Cron - A schedule.rb file is provided to define tasks that need to run periodically. Use the whenever gem to export this to a cron file on a server when you deploy. See


Backup admin can be configured for your environment through environment variables. The following are required:

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY: Amazon account
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: Amazon secret key
  • SECRET_TOKEN: A random string used by Rails to secure sessions (generate with rake secret)

Optional integrations may also be enabled by providing configuration for each service.


Enabled when NEWRELIC_KEY is set.


Enabled when AIRBRAKE_KEY is set. It his highly recommended that this is enabled as Backup Admin will report execution failures via Airbrake.


Copyright 2012, Viximo Inc. Distributable under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE.

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