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Things to fix/talk about
- added env PATH=$PATH to sudo commands..need better path definition in sudoers or something
- mysql won't connect, wrong creds. dunno why mtop works fine
- ssh_user -> create one with .ssh key & specific sudo privs (eg call pre-canned .sh files)
- elastic_ip not useful since it's attached to master not slave
- Crontab file: Might need PATH= as the first line in the file -- needed it locally
- Requires fog from master branch, not current GA release
- name for project
* setup
+ 1 static cron job per time interval
+ Code to run from that one cron job
+ 1 static cron job every 20m to clear out old snapshots
+ hoptoad integration
+ rpm integration
+ dj integration
+ rspec integration
* code
+ make snapshot creation calls idempotent...(what if dj stops for 3d?)
+ will skip job if job older than one interval (1hr for hourly job)
+ ignore/hoptoad-report if job skipped
+ fog collection.slice() issue
- finish up UI
+ error condition checking for ssh calls
+ default frequencies for new server
+ Server object
+ ec2 api calls wrapped
+ remote code to take snapshot
x mysql calls - all table lock, all table unlock
? mysql calls - gather replication stats for logging
+ ssh to mysql table locking
+ ssh to run xfs lock
+ ssh to run xfs unlock
+ dj job to take snapshot
+ dj job to remove snapshots