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Contains miscellaneous utility plugins for use with jQuery


Provides the ability to invoke a callback when multiple ajax calls have all completed. This is useful if, for example, you need to get the response from several web services before continuing execution.


$.ajaxWait(function() {
  $.getJSON('http://www.example.com/items.json', function(data) {...});
  $.getJSON('http://www.example.com/groups.json', function(data) {...});
}, {success: dataLoaded, error: dataError});

function dataLoaded() {
  alert('All data loaded!');

function dataError() {
  alert('Data failed to load!');

To also wait until ajax calls that are made within individual ajax callbacks:

$.ajaxWait(function() {
  $.getJSON('http://www.example.com/items.json', function(data) {
    $.getJSON('http://www.example.com/groups.json', function(data) {...});
}, {success: dataLoaded, error: dataError, deep: true});


Adds a set of assertions for validating that data is specified correctly.


Asserting valid keys in a hash:

var keys = ['start', 'end'];

$.assert.validKeys({}, keys)                   // >> null
$.assert.validKeys({begin: 1, end: 10}, keys)  // >> Invalid option(s): begin

Assert required keys in a hash:

var keys = ['start', 'end'];

$.assert.requiredKeys({}, keys)                    // >> Required option(s) not specified: start, end
$.assert.requiredKeys({start: 1}, keys)            // >> Required option(s) not specified: end
$.assert.requiredKeys({start: 1, end: 10}, keys)   // >> null

Assert valid values in a hash / array:

var values = ['start', 'end'];

$.assert.validValues({}, values)                                 // >> null
$.assert.validValues({first: 'start', last: 'finish'}, values)   // >> Invalid value(s): finish
$.assert.validValues(['start', 'finish'], values)                // >> Invalid value(s): finish

Assert the validity of keys and the types of their values:

var examples = {
  start: 'number',                              // Validate as a number
  end: 'number'                                 // Validate as a number
  to: ['string', ['string']],                   // Validate as either a string or an array of strings
  context: {callback: 'function', '*': true},   // Validate as a hash without a strict set of keys allowed
  actions: [[{text: 'string', data: 'object'}]] // Validate as an array of hashes containing certain keys / types,

var template = {start: 'number', end: 'number'};
$.assert.validate({}, template)                    // >> null
$.assert.validate({begin: 1, end: 10}, template)   // >> Invalid option(s): begin
$.assert.validate({start: '1', end: 10}, template) // >> Invalid type(s): start (number)