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This is the repository for the Shiny application presented in "BoxPlotR: a web tool for generation of box plots" (Spitzer at al. 2014).


You have two options for running shiny-boxplot:

  1. Launch directly from R and GitHub:
  • Before running the app you will need to have R and RStudio installed (tested with R 3.2.1 and RStudio 0.99.465).

  • Launch the R console

  • Please run these lines in R:

    • install.packages("shiny")
    • install.packages("devtools")
    • devtools::install_github("rstudio/shiny-incubator")
    • install.packages("beeswarm")
    • install.packages("vioplot")
    • install.packages("beanplot")
    • install.packages("RColorBrewer")
  • Then start the app:

    • shiny::runGitHub("BoxPlotR.shiny", "VizWizard")

Your web browser will open the web app.

  1. Install the shiny-server and implement shiny-boxplot as a web application and service:
  • In Ubuntu 12.04+
    • sudo apt-get install gdebi-core
    • wget (may need to change ubuntu or server version number)
    • sudo gdebi shiny-server-
    • edit: /opt/shiny-server/config/default.config in a text editor
      • Change these lines to suit your environment
      • listen SHINY_PORT; (change SHINY_PORT to match the port you want)
      • site_dir SHINY_APP_HOME; (change SHINY_APP_HOME to the location for your shiny apps)
    • make sure SHINY_PORT is open on your firewall
    • Go to your SHINY_APP_HOME
      • cd SHINY_APP_HOME
    • Get the latest shiny-boxplot code from github:
    • Restart shiny-server service:
      • sudo service shiny-server restart

You should now be able to access shiny-boxplot at: http://YOURSITE:**SHINY_PORT**/BoxPlotR.shiny