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[v 0.54]

  • First tests added.
  • Opacity bugs fixed.
  • Now there are triggers when an action is performed.
  • New 'loading' and 'load' events are triggered when layer is loading or done.
  • Simple and interaction layers are both based on wax.
  • All functins check first if the layer belongs to the map first.
  • New function isAdded returns if the layer belongs to the map.
  • Hide and show check if the layer is already shown or hidden.
  • Support for hexagons and density visualizations.

[v 0.53]

  • Examples index page back.
  • Attribution paramater + function added.
  • Wax (v7.0.0dev9) library updated.
  • Leaflet (v0.4.4) library updated.
  • Removed noscript redirects.

[v 0.52]

  • Bug related to removing wax interacion fixex.

[v 0.51]

  • Bug related to unbind interaction fixed.

[v 0.50]

  • Bug related to iPad clientX and clientY position fixed.

[v 0.49]

  • Hide and show bug fixed.
  • Wax 7.0.0 touched and added.

[v 0.48]

  • New function, setOptions, to change any param at the same time.
  • Wax 6.2.3 touched and added.

[v 0.47]

  • Touch events supported
  • Feature event functions renamed (featureClick,featureOut,featureOver)
  • New parameter added in those functions, position. Where it returns the x and y position where user clicked or touched.
  • setBounds function improved
  • setBounds function added for publicy using.
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