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0.9.9 (29/06/12)

  • Added module to send some statistics to a StatsD server

0.9.8 (26/06/12)

  • Fixes when DROP table on the SQL API
  • Change the ESPG service used for finding projection to a more stable one provided by cloudfoundry.
  • Make clicks on features more reliable on maps
  • Improved testing, faster and and easier to run
  • Check file size before uploading on client side

0.9.7 (12/06/12)

  • Allow .geojson imports
  • UI tweaks
  • Fix support for 3D shapefiles (force 2D)
  • upload failed imports to S3 for offline inspection
  • improvements to import (encoding, geom checks)
  • warnings for table rename collisions

0.9.6 (05/06/12)

  • Improvements on import file type checking
  • Better encoding detection across all import types
  • UI bugfixes
  • Improved navigation when lots of tabs open
  • testing review and refactoring
  • Improve the mapping of geometry at N/S extremes


  • CDB_RectangleGrid function, for simpler grids
  • CDB_QueryTables accept concatenated statements and removes dupes
  • improved speed, robustness and file type handling for imports
  • documentation fixes
  • bugfixes for oauth authentication


  • Update CDB_TransformToWebmercator to return NULL for geoms fully outside the valid webmercator boundary
  • Add CDB_RandomTids function, for fast pseudo-random TID scans
  • Add an hexagon builder functions CDB_Hexagon and CDB_HexagonGrid
  • CDB_TransformToWebmercator 10x speed improvement
  • Improve timeout in import stages
  • Improved Shapefile importing
  • Dashboard optimizations for large datasets
  • Optimisations in embedded map
  • Improved bounds handling on map
  • move geocoder to Yahoo
  • Various GUI fixes
  • HTTP API Key access from API Keys page
  • Add an CDB_QueryTables function to find tables used by a query
  • Improve granularity of caching invalidation to the table level


  • new styles for login etc
  • table search
  • core CartoDB SQL functions added (CDB_*)


  • .OSM import
  • show top 100 tags
  • ?q=search_term to dashboard url


  • public tables (share the url with anyone)
  • download public table datasets
  • session issues begone - allows you to login to multiple cartodbs
  • free users cannot make private tables (but if they have them already they can keep them)
  • import error codes and reporting
  • upload file via API from ruby gem
  • bubble maps for polygon layers
  • bug fixes including map style invalidation
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