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What is the WRI project?

The WRI project aims to build a web app that rides on FORMA data to explain the story of deforestation over time.

Development setup

See the app README.

Data sources


Smoothed GADM layers for countries (names, map), provinces (names, map), and sub-provinces (names, map) are now in CDB ( See tables gadm0, gadm1, and gadm2, respectively. Note that each table has a forma column. If it’s true, we have deforestation data for it.

Quick note: Deforestation data is stored in the forma table in a column named defor_idx. It represents the number of pixels with greater than 50% probability of deforestation. It is stored by sub-province.

To get the province-level or country-level index, we simply sum the sub-province defor_idx values that fall into the province or country. Here's a real query for the deforestation of the Riau province of Indonesia..

Polygon attribute schema

An evolving list of attributes for polygons are in the FORMA CartoDB Schema Google Spreadsheet. Attributes that should be visible to the user are marked as x in the ui column.

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