Updated and maintained PHS client
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PhilosopherStone (PHS) PoS - Proof of Stake Only with transaction messages.

Updated and maintained version.

PhilosopherStone provides an annual stake rate of 50% (64% Compounded), or 3.44% monthly, for contributing to the network.

Stones will generate if held and not moved for more than ~8.8 Days.

  • Data Port: 16281 (17281 Testnet)
  • RPC Port: 16282 (17282 Testnet)
  • Transaction fee destruction
  • 6/50 confirmations for transactions/new mint
  • Messaging
  • Proof of Stake only Switch after 10 month initial distribution (complete)

HomePage: http://philosopherstones.org/

Community Channel: http://philosopherstones.org/channel

Explorer: http://philosopherstones.org/block/