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Reward halving September 2019 and September 2021, longer transaction messages, DNS seeds, links updates and some fixes.

64bit Windows version only.

How to use bootstrap:

New users:
Unzip and and put bootstrap.dat into the same folder with philosopherstone-qt.exe. Run philosopherstone-qt.exe, it will take more than an hour to bootstrap the blockchain.

To import from bootstrap:

  1. Make sure PHS is not running.
  2. If you have a previous install, Backup wallet.dat or directory: (default) Windows c:/users/username/appdata/roaming/philosopherstone/
  3. Copy bootstrap.dat to the same folder with philosopherstone-qt.exe.
  4. Run PHS, you should see a message saying "Importing bootstrap blockchain Data" on splash screen. If not, you didn't place file in proper directory. PHS will now load from bootstrap file, this process will take more than an hour even on a fast PC. The splash may disappear, But, you'll see the icon in your lower right task-bar, just let it run until its done.
  5. When done loading bootstrap let PHS catch up with the network, you'll see a green checkmark when done.
  6. Enjoy the stake!