HCL language support for IntelliJ platform based IDEs
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IntelliJ-HCL plugin

Provides HCL language and Terraform configuration files (.tf) support for IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs

The HCL format is used for Nomad(.nomad files).

Plugin page in IntelliJ platform plugin repository.


For both .hcl and .tf file formats:
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Structure outline in the 'Structure' tool window
  • Code formatter with the 'Reformat code' action available
  • Code folding
  • Comment/Uncomment action

Terraform configs (.tf) files

  • Interpolations syntax highlighting
  • (WIP) Properties validation (according to the properties required for resource/provider, type checking)
  • (WIP) Go to definition from resource to provider

Terraform configs Interpolation Language

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocompletion for predefined methods
  • (WIP) Go to declaration on resources, providers, properties, etc.

Planned features:

Terraform configs (.tf) files

  • Find usages for resources, providers, variables

Terraform configs Interpolation Language