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Into the Dungeon: Revived

Rules for fantastic adventure games playable with paper and pencil and polyhedral dice

ItD:R is a lightweight fantasy-themed role-playing ruleset designed for a streamlined gameplay. Gather your friends, grab some dice, and dive into the world of sword and sorcery adventures of your own creation!

In this book you will find:

  • Easy to learn rules, core ones fit on a one-page spread
  • Quick character generation and feature-based levelling
  • Fast combat thanks to the absence of to-hit rolls
  • Basic domain rules for upper-level games
  • A magic system with easy-to-remember spell effects
  • Simple game mechanics that allow to minimize session preparation time
  • A guide for converting monsters from other systems
  • A collection of additional and alternative rules to mix and match for the perfect gaming experience
  • Random inspiration tables to use for preparation or even during sessions
  • A small bestiary with different monsters and wild animals

The ruleset is based on "Into the Dungeon: Playtest Edition" by Chris McDowall.

Home Page

Latest Release

Illustration gallery at ArtStation and DeviantArt

ItD:R cover

Character sheets preview ItD:R charsheets


All PDFs are located in the "current" directory.

PDF file Description
itdr.pdf current version of the book
itdr_light*.pdf light edition (28 pages): parts_1-4, part_a1, part_index
itdr_minimal*.pdf minimal edition (16 pages): parts_1-4 only
*_booklet.pdf booklets for printing
*_booklet_r.pdf booklets for printing with odd pages rotated upside down
itdr_charsheet.pdf character sheet
itdr_charsheet_double*.pdf double character sheets for printing
itdr_timesheet.pdf time-tracking sheet
itdr_timesheet_double*.pdf double time-tracking sheets for printing


  • Page setup:
    • for *_booklet.pdf: Two-sided - short edge (flip)
    • for *_booklet_r.pdf: Two-sided - long edge (standard)
  • Page scaling: none
  • Auto rotate and center: yes
  • Trim printed booklets to about 5.4in x 8in.


Script Description clean auxiliary files update ALL PDFs in the repository [-r] [FILE]... make specified booklets, "-r" key to rotate odd pages upside down
(see in-script options and comments for more info) make all booklets (default, light, and minimal) including ones with upside down odd pages (with suffix "_r") make all charsheet versions


TeX Live


sudo pacman -S texlive-bin texlive-core texlive-fontsextra texlive-latexextra


sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base texlive-fonts-extra texlive-latex-extra

What is different from "Into the Dungeon: Playtest Edition"?

  • Game mechanics are closer to "Into the Odd"
  • Features and backgrounds instead of classes
  • Updated and refined magic system
  • Knowledge rolls
  • Wands and rods usage rule
  • Example magic items
  • Example random encounters and obstacles
  • Monster conversion guide
  • Ideas for monster creation and example monster abilities
  • Great amount of additional and alternative rules (Appendix A)
  • Expanded bestiary (Appendix B)
  • Spell List and Index



Part 1

  • Beastmaster may choose to make a WIL Save instead of the pet
  • Thaumaturge starts with two Gifts instead of one
  • Improved starting equipment description

Part 2

  • Taking your Turn: clarified sequence

Part 3

  • Ruling a Domain: Unrest roll is changed from "equal or lower" to "lower"

Part 4

  • Simultaneous Persistent Spells are limited to 2 x Mystic Level
  • Dispel:
    • Superiority in the Mystic Level grants Advantage
    • Added a rule for dispelling Persistent Spells
Circle 1
  • Identify: improved description
Circle 3
  • Invisibility Sphere: improved description
Circle 5
  • Perfect Weapon: now Persistent; does not disappear when casting spells.

Part 5

  • Combat Turn Sequence: expanded into Marching Order and Combat Turn Sequence

Part 7

  • Random Encounters: A note on using larger dice

Part 8

  • Monster Conversion: Improved Morale conversion table

Appendix A

  • Characters:
    • Added the Balanced Characters rule
    • Added Fortune Favours the Brave rule
  • Added the Group Saves rule
  • Selling: Added chance of the barter rule
  • Travel:
    • Exhaustion Check
    • Simplified Speed Modifiers
    • Added units of measure in the horizon formula
    • Added a note regarding weather duration
    • Added the Movement in Combat and Exploration section
  • Random Characters: fixed and improved
  • Random Magic Items:
    • 'dust' entry changed to 'dust or powder'
    • Added the colour table reference
  • Random Monsters: updated, added an instruction and a new table - Material
  • Random Non-Player Characters: 'red hair' entry changed to 'rare hair colour'


  • Improved document style and layout
  • Improved booklet script and printing layout

Home Page

  • Tools:
    • Random Character
    • Random Non-Player Character
    • Random Monster
    • Random Magic Item
    • Random Weather
  • Improved layout, implemented responsive design


Part 1

  • Berserker: "gain Advantage on Saves against Critical Damage" now reads "gain Advantage on subsequent Saves against Critical Damage"
  • new Feature: Beastmaster
  • Brawler: added missing "Can be taken multiple times" line.
  • new Feature: Duellist
  • new Feature: Ironclad
  • Mystic: added optional rule of Random Spell Selection
  • new Feature: Sharpshooter
  • new Feature: Thaumaturge
  • new Background: Hunter
  • new Background: Labouter
  • additions into the Equipment section:
    • Lance
    • Acid

Part 2

  • Ganging Up: Clarification on attacks that directly target Ability Scores
  • Enhancement/Impairment: note on mutual negation
  • Armour: Clarification on attacks that bypass HP
  • Rest: note on what may prohibit Resting
  • new Pets rule (one per character)
  • Experience Levels:
    • at least one lowest Ability Score will increase by one on level-up
    • Clarification for the Master Experience Level
    • alternative gold-based experience progression

Part 3

  • Overall refinement
  • Conscription Domain Focus
  • Additional rules for training soldiers
  • Damage bonus range is from -5 to +5
  • Damage bonus is mentioned when units attack the individuals
  • Individual attacks that cause Blast Damage are Impaired against Units as well
  • Unit attacks that cause Blast Damage against units have bonus weapon Damage die.

Part 4

  • Clarification of ongoing effects for summoned extraplanar creatures
  • Optional Magic Mishap on a failed WIL Save from casting a spell
  • Optional Scroll Activation rule
  • Detect Magic: clarified wording
  • Light is now Light/Douse
  • Mage Hand is renamed into Magic Hand
  • Message and Ventriloquism are merged into Ghost Sound
  • Prestidigitation: usage is expanded
  • Removed Open/Close as covered by Magic Hand
Circle 1
  • new spell Camouflage
  • new spell Courage
  • new spell Glue
  • Disguise Self: specified facial appearance
  • Gust of Wind is moved here from the Circle 2
  • Pyrotechnics is moved here from the Circle 2; usage is expanded
  • Swarm is moved here from the Circle 2
Circle 2
  • Acid Arrow: now STR Loss is d4 and affected by Armour
  • Arcane Sight is moved here from Circle 3
  • Cat's Grace: now affects ranged weapon Damage
  • Gentle Repose is replaced with new spell Speak with Dead
  • Glitterdust: clarified wording
  • Heroism: can target others, saves are rerolled on 20, works once until Rest (per target)
  • Hex: new spell
  • Knock: rephrased
  • Magic Mouth: now speaks once or each time when triggered
  • Magic Weapon is moved here from the Circle 1
  • Misdirection: removed (see Obfuscate (C3))
  • Rage is moved here from the Circle 3
  • Ray of Enfeeblement is moved here from Circle 1
  • Resist Element: now grants Impaired damage instead of immunity
  • Rope Trick: now accommodates six creatures instead of eight
  • Shatter: specified area of effect, now affects all targets, objects or crystalline creatures take d12 Damage
Circle 3
  • new spell Absorb Element (old version of Resist Element)
  • Black Tentacles: updated save mechanics
  • Clairaudience/Clairvoyance: clarified effect
  • Daylight: clarification regarding magical darkness
  • Gaseous Form: now Persistent, added clarification regarding ending the effect
  • Haste/Slow: now grants Advantage/Disadvantage on DEX Saves
  • Magic Circle: fits one creature
  • Obfuscate: new spell combines Misdirection and Nondetection
  • See Invisibility is moved here from the Circle 2
  • Shrink Item: works only on non-magical objects
  • Stinking Cloud: specified area of effect and clarified repeated saves
  • Suggestion: added a note on saves against harmful suggestions
  • Water Breathing: clarified wording
  • Wind Wall: clarified wording
Circle 4
  • Animate Dead: added a note on control
  • Arcane Eye: you can cast Cantrips through it
  • Confusion: specified area of effect
  • Dimensional Anchor: specified area
  • Fear is renamed into Cause Panic
  • Fire Shield: clarified wording
  • Nightmare: changed "full rest" to "full night's sleep"
  • Polymorph: added limitations
  • Rainbow Pattern: specified affected targets and what happens after passing a Save
Circle 5
  • new spell Alter Fate
  • Blight: specified living targets
  • new spell Bloody Gossamer
  • new spell Disintegrate
  • Dominate Person: added a note on repeated Saves
  • new spell Hermit's Company
  • Passwall: specified duration
  • Possession is replaced with Mass Suggestion
  • Mage's Faithful Hound is renamed into Mystic's Faithful Hound, will follow the caster, now Persistent
  • False vision is merged into Mage's Private Sanctum which is renamed into Mystic's Private Sanctum and now Persistent
  • new spell Mystic's Saving Grace
  • new spell Perfect Weapon
  • new spell Permutation
  • Telekinesis: added a note on damage
  • Telepathic Bond: added note on presence of targets, now Persistent

Part 5

  • A note on combat turn sequence
  • A note on attack notation
  • A note on Ability Score Loss rolls

Part 6

  • A note on magic items drawbacks
  • Poison is changed to Deadly Poison with new effects

Appendix A

  • Contest rule
  • Hardcore Mode rule
  • Injuries: changed limb table
  • Magic Mishaps: changed conditions and body part table
  • Rations: added cost
  • Selling rule
  • Siege Engines: added reload and transportation rules
  • Travel: clarified rules, vehicle overload penalty, and cargo space occupied by short-distance passengers
  • Units of Measure: added coin weights

Appendix B

  • Gazer: Disintegration beam now deals d6 Damage ignoring Armour
  • Ghoul: new monster
  • Hook Horror: changed d10 Hooks to 2d8 Hooks
  • Hootbear: changed d10 Claws to 2d8 Claws
  • Phase Panther: changed d8 Clawed Tentacles to 2d8 Clawed Tentacles
  • Red Dragon: changed d10 Claws to 2d10 Claws
  • Elephant: Changed 2d8 Tusks to d10 Tusks

Appendix C

  • Removed


  • New and updated illustrations
  • References, style, layout, formatting, and alignment update
  • Index update
  • Removed Notes part
  • Timesheet


  • light and minimal editions of the book
  • character sheets
  • new building scripts

Part 1

  • fixed and updated Halfling Ancestry Feature

Part 4

  • 2nd Circle:
    • Owl's Wisdom: now grants Advantage on WIL Saves
  • 3rd Circle:
    • Displacement: now Persistent


  • Mule and Horse rebalance
  • Miscellaneous rules clarifications


Part 1

  • Berserker: a bonus is limited to melee
  • Commander: a command does not count as action
  • Healer: starts with 5s worth of healing supplies
  • Skilled: grants a pair of expertises instead of one
  • A note on Shields requiring one hand to use
  • Adventuring Gear list update
  • Stats for a mule and horse

Part 2

  • An item swap option for the Taking your Turn rule
  • Ganging Up bonus is limited up to +5
  • Mounted bonus is limited to melee and unmounted opponents
  • Morale rule exemption for mindless or fearless opponents
  • An optional slower experience progression rule

Part 3

  • An expanded note on walls and sieges

Part 4

  • A note on Cantrips and ongoing effects
  • Better explanation of damage from casting spells
  • A note on Scrolls
  • Cantrips:
    • Guided Strike: gives a bonus weapon Damage die instead of Enhancing
    • Light: removed an option to cast onto a creature; now requires the caster to hold the target object
    • Resistance: now Persistent
  • 1st Circle:
    • Burning Hands: does not ignore Armour but deals d6 Damage
    • Identify: added a note on hidden properties, curses, etc.
    • Mount: added a Damage effect
    • Silent image: is motionless
    • Unseen Servant: changed STR from 3 to 5
  • 2nd Circle:
    • Continual Flame: added a note on casting on objects
    • Fog Cloud: added a note on ranged attacks Impairment
    • Gust of Wind: specified range
    • Levitate: added an aftereffect and note on heavy targets
    • Misdirection: now Persistent
    • Phantom Trap: now Persistent
    • Resist Energy: renamed to Resist Element
    • Rope Trick: clarified description
    • See Invisibility: specified range
  • 3rd Circle:
    • Arcane Sight: improved description and effect
    • Gaseous Form: the target is a willing creature
    • Major Illusion: a note on disguise
    • Magic Circle: now Persitent; affects a certain type of unnatural beings
    • Sepia Snake Sigil: specified symbol size
    • Shrink Item: a note on weight
    • Sleet Storm: specified range
  • 4th Circle:
    • Fire Trap: now Persistent
    • Ice Storm: replaced by a Chain Lightning spell
    • Minor Creation: now Persistent
    • Phantasmal Killer: attacks once before disappearing
    • Polymorph: specified permanence of the effect
    • Solid Fog: specified range
    • Symbol of Pain: specified symbol size
  • 5th Circle:
    • Baleful Polymorth: specified permanence of the effect
    • Blight: now affects d12 targets
    • Cloudkill: specified size, speed, and living targets
    • Major Creation: now Persistent
    • Symbol of Sleep: specified size; now grants a WIL Save
  • Minor phrasing fixes

Part 5

  • A note on Damage dice
  • A note on poison targets

Part 6

  • 20 example magic items

Part 7

  • Example Random Encounters tables
  • Example Obstacles

Part 8

  • Ideas for Monster Creation
  • Example Monster Abilities

Appendix A renamed to C

new Appendix A:

  • Characters:
    • Epic Characters
    • Mundane Characters
  • Gods, Religion, and Disciples
  • Injuries
  • Light
  • Living Expenses
  • Load Capacity
  • Madness
  • Magic Mishaps
  • Manufacture of Magic Equipment
  • Pets' Experience
  • Rations
  • Resources
  • Structures and Sieges:
    • Construction
    • Siege Engines
    • Structural Damage
  • Travel
  • Random Tables and Inspiration:
    • Random Characters
    • Random Magic Items
    • Random Monsters
    • Random Non-Player Characters

Example Monsters moved to Appendix B

new Appendix B:

  • New monsters:
    • Hellhound
    • Imp
    • Manticore
    • Mummy
    • Ogre
    • Troll
    • Yeti
  • Mundane Beasts section with 10 beasts

Spell List

  • Added spell circle info


  • Mystic advancement: Spell Circle is limited by Mystic Level instead of Experience Level
  • Mystic's Tome is required when preparing spells
  • Damage from casting spells targets WIL instead of STR
  • Signature spells can be cast without preparation
  • Spells changes:
    • Charm Person: targets humanoids only
    • Magic Missile: d4 instead of d6 damage
    • Ray of Enfeeblement: lasts until Rest instead of Healing
    • Shield: now blocks Magic Missiles
    • False Life: now affects lost STR instead of HP
    • Spectral Hand: clarified usage
    • Flame Arrows: "bonus damage" instead of "extra damage"
    • Lightning Bolt: d8 instead of d10 damage
    • Nondetection: now Persistent
    • Shout: d8 instead of d10 damage
    • Charm Monster: renamed to Charm Creature, targets all creatures
    • Remove Curse: now target any magical Disadvantages or Impairments
  • Note on elemental damage
  • Improved and clarified phrasing
  • Index update
  • Box style update


Bugfix release: force PDF 1.4 for the Acrobat compatibility.


First official release.


First public beta-release.


Into the Dungeon: Revived — Rules for fantastic adventure games playable with paper and pencil and polyhedral dice.







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