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Prints the changelog for current or for the specific version of Node.js release to the termial.
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node-changes - (Node release)

Get the release changelog right from your terminal!

Whenever Node releases a new version of the framework I want to read the changelog, and then I thought: "Why not make changelogs supernerdy so that I can read the changelog right from my terminal?". And then it happened. I decided to read the GitHub v3 RESTful API and created a CLI tool that lets you read the changelog for your local Node version or for a specific Node version.


npm i -g node-changes


Usage: node-changes [options]

  -c, --current    Get changelog for the local version
  -t, --tag [ver]  Get changelog for the particular release


$ node-changes -t v10.5.0

Changelog for v10.5.0 

### Notable Changes

- crypto:
  - Support for crypto.scrypt() has been added. #20816 (
- fs:
  - BigInt support has been added to fs.stat and fs.watchFile. #20220 (
  - APIs that take mode as arguments no longer throw on values larger than
  0o777. #20636 ( #20975 ( (Fixes: #20498 (
  - Fix crashes in closed event watchers. #20985 ( (Fixes: #20297 (
  - Worker Threads:
  - Support for multi-threading has been added behind the
  --experimental-worker flag in the worker_threads module. This feature
  is experimental and may receive breaking changes at any time. #20876 (

### Commits
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