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Command Line User Interface (Console UI inspired by TurboVision) with built-in theme support. Please see screenshots of working examples at the end of the README.


go get -u

Current version

The current version is 1.2.1. Please see details in changelog.

Applications that uses the library


The list of available controls

  • Window (Main control container - with maximize, window order and other window features)
  • Label (Horizontal and Vertical with basic color control tags)
  • Button (Simple push button control)
  • EditField (One line text edit control with basic clipboard control)
  • ListBox (string list control with vertical scroll)
  • TextView (ListBox-alike control with vertical and horizontal scroll, and wordwrap mode)
  • ProgressBar (Vertical and horizontal. The latter one supports custom text over control)
  • Frame (A decorative control that can be a container for other controls as well)
  • Scrollable frame
  • CheckBox (Simple check box)
  • Radio (Simple radio button. Useless alone - should be used along with RadioGroup)
  • RadioGroup (Non-visual control to manage a group of a few RadioButtons)
  • ConfirmationDialog (modal View to ask a user confirmation, button titles are custom)
  • SelectDialog (modal View to ask a user to select an item from the list - list can be ListBox or RadioGroup)
  • SelectEditDialog (modal View to ask a user to enter a value)
  • BarChart (Horizontal bar chart without scroll)
  • SparkChart (Show tabular data as a bar graph)
  • GridView (Table to show structured data - only virtual and readonly mode with scroll support)
  • FilePicker
  • LoginDialog - a simple authorization dialog with two fields: Username and Password
  • TextDisplay - a "virtual" text view control: it does not store any data, every time it needs to draw its line it requests the line from external source by line ID


The main demo (theme changing and radio group control)

Main Demo

The screencast of demo:

Library Demo

The library is in the very beginning but it can be used to create working utilities: below is the example of my Dilbert comix downloader:

Dilbert Downloader


CLUI is dual-licensed under MIT OR BSD-2-Clause