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VoIPGRID Chrome Extension
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Note: This extension has been replaced with vialer-clicktodial

VoIPGRID's Click-to-Dial Chrome Extension

Dial phone numbers from your browser with just a click using your user account on VoIPGRID's platform.


  • Dial phone numbers directly from your web browser.
  • Change your active user destination.
  • Keep a close watch on the number of people in your queues.


The documentation available on how to use this add-on can be found at our public wiki (currently only available in Dutch).

If you want to know to contribute, please see Contribute.


Fork our repository to start contributing. Next, clone your repository to a local folder and load the extension from this folder via the extensions page (make sure you're in developer mode). Any changes you make will be visible after you reload the plugin via the extensions page.

When you have everything you want to add or change in your own github repository you can create a pull-request to request merging your changes into our add-on.


Please see the file called

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