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Develop #99

merged 42 commits into from Mar 14, 2014

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Change some namings and handle more errors
Optimize video decoding (ffmpeg) and tone analysis (all)


We can have a return value here instead of a out parameter, which we should prefer generally whenever possible.

Right. Still a WIP so further changes are still coming


Why remove all the IDisposable interfaces? In C# the finalizer needs two GC cycles to collect the object and free the resources compared to one using the dispose pattern.

This is not completely true IMO. I've just read again...
We keep the WiiMote for the entire runtime, so finalizer is only called on exit. Dispose provides use only, if you actually call Dispose somewhere.
But out of interest: I did not find any good resources how to use the dispose pattern. MSDN says:
protected virtual void Dispose(bool disposing){
// Dispose time code
. . .
// Finalize time code
. . .
But WTH is the difference? Dispose should replace the finalizer, right? So it should free ALL resources, shouldn't it?

You can use the disposing pattern to add a log entry whenever the finalizer is called instead of the dispose method. Banshee does that.

Vocaluxe member

Please leave this in code; Sometimes we need it for some testing.

Have a look 3 lines down (not in the diff) it was there twice and this one was redundant

Vocaluxe member

Okay, didn't say anything.

@stsundermann stsundermann merged commit de6045c into Vocaluxe:develop Mar 14, 2014
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