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Any screen

to navigate through the screens: Left button: select/manipulate elements, Right button: go to previous screen.

to navigate through the screens.

to confirm.

or to go to the previous screen.

+ to take a ScreenShot. Screenshots are saved in the directory "Screenshots".

+ to toggle full screen mode.

+ to toggle theme edit mode. The theme edit mode is experimental. It allows you to change the size and position of the element on the screens. You can save your changes with before leaving the theme edit mode.

to open the background music controls (not on all screens).

+ to increase volume. + to decrease volume.


on video-preview or press "Space" to toggle general song-options: Open a playlist and some buttons for mouse.

Double-click with on song, to sing this song direclty.

Middle click or + to select a random song.

or + to open/close the song search menu.

+ to sing all songs from a category.

to sing all songs.


Use drag'n'drop with to add songs to playlist, remove them from playlist, or change order.

and to change order of song in playlist with keyboard. to delete song from playlist.


Drag & Drop the profiles with to select players.

... to activate player-selection. Then use to select a profile and press to confirm.

Use and to change player-number.


to pause the Song.

to escape the Song.

+ to skip song, if there is another song in playlist.

to change the format of the time in the timer.

to change view of player information.

to activate configured webcam.


More than one song: and or -wheel, to show different scores. Go to last page, to see average-rating.


More than one song: and or -wheel, to show different highscores.


Hold B and move down to scroll down

Hold B and move up to scroll up

Hold B and move to the left to escape


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