HowTo: Build Vocaluxe (Windows)

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Build Vocaluxe - HowTo (Windows)

  • Navigate to the right repository: usually Vocaluxe Main

  • Navigate to the right branch: usually develop (The main branch of Vocaluxe)


  • Copy the URL of the corresponding git file


  • Make sure Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015 is installed

  • Clone the repository and open it

    Method A: Use Visual Studio (2013+)'s git client:

    • Start Visual Studio
    • VIEW->Team Explorer
    • Click on the Connect to a Team Project button inside the Team Explorer
    • Click on Clone under Local Git Repositories
    • Enter [theCopiedGitUrl] in the first field
    • Enter a target folder in the second field
    • Click clone vsclone

    Method B: Use commandline git client:

    • Make sure git is installed git-scm

    • Open a git bash (there should be a link in the start menu) or a normal commandline if you have added git to the PATH variable

    • Navigate to the folder where git should create the Vocaluxe project folder

      cd [PathToYourFolder]
    • Clone the repository (could take some time...)

      git clone [theCopiedGitUrl]


    • Now you should find a Folder Vocaluxe in the given directory -> navigate into it

    • Open the file Vocaluxe.sln with Visual Studio

  • Configure the build target to ReleaseWin and x86 or x64 (if unsure -> select x86)

  • Build the projects by clicking "Build"->"Build solution" or just press Control+Shift+B


  • Check if your build was successful buildsuccess

  • YOUR build should have appeared here:

  • Run Vocaluxe.exe or copy the whole folder to a location of your choice

  • Have fun!

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