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Groovy Carrot - VoiceBunny Library

Groovy Carrot is a Groovy library that provides connection to the HTTP RESTful API, using HTTP Builder for the HTTP request/response cycle. If you need more information on how to use our library check the installation guide or the tutorial.


// Imports
import com.voicebunny.api.*

// Initialize the library
def vb = new VoiceBunny('userId', 'token', '')

// Get information
def response = vb.languages
println response.languages

// Post project
def projectData = [
    script: "Test project",
    remarks: "Posted from Groovy-Carrot",
    title: "Test Project"
response = vb.postProject projectData
println response.project

// Get a project
response = vb.getProject(
println response.projects

Request a VoiceBunny API Token

To use this library you need to request an API Token in the Developer's Section.

Don't you like Groovy?

If you're not confortable with the Groovy language, you can also check our other libraries:

Or why not, build your own library from scratch checking the API documentation.


Copyright (c) 2008 Torrenegra IP, LLC. Distributed under Creative Commons CC-BY license.

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