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Python Carrot - VoiceBunny Library

Python Carrot is a Python module that provides connection to the HTTP RESTful API, using the library Requests for the HTTP request/response cycle. If you need more information on how to use our module check the installation guide or the tutorial.


# Imports
import PythonCarrotDev
import requests
import simplejson
from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth

# Initialize the module
vb_carrot = PythonCarrot.VBCarrot('xx','xxxxXXXXxxxxXXXX')

# Get information
response = vb_carrot.gender_ages()
print response['genderandages']

# Post project
    'script': "Test project",
    'remarks': "Posted from Python-Carrot",
    'title' : "Test Project" 
response = vb_carrot.create_project(project)
print response['project']

# Get a project
response = vb_carrot.get_project(response['project']['id'])
print response['projects']

Request a VoiceBunny API Token

To use this library you need to request an API Token in the Developer's Section.


  • migrate the tests to another library instead of text files mocked JSON responses
  • update the tests


Feel free to fork our module or add a pull request

Don't you like Python?

If you're not confortable with Python language, you can also check our other libraries

Or why not, build your own library/module from scratch checking the API documentation.


Copyright (c) 2008 Torrenegra IP, LLC. Distributed under Creative Commons CC-BY license.