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A node wrapper for handbrake to encode all video files in a particular folder.


First, set up a video profile in handbrake, or use one of the defaults.

Usage: encode_folder [options] folder


  -h, --help                       output usage information
  -v, --version                    output the version number
  -R, --recursive                  Recursively scan directory
  -d, --delete                     Delete the original video on successful encoding
  -f, --force                      Force over-write of existing files
  -k, --keep                       Keep partially encoded files from encoding failures
  -w, --watch                      Watch the folder indefinitely for new video files
  -Z, --preset       <name>        Handbrake video preset (default: Normal)
  -H, --handbrake    <path>        Path to handbrake-cli (default: /Applications/HandBrakeCLI)
  -c, --cpu          <count>       Set CPU count (default: autodetected)
  -x, --extensions   <extensions>  Comma-separated list of file extensions to process (default: [long list])
  -X, --outputext    <ext>         Extension for generated files (default: m4v)
  -O, --outputfolder <folder>      Folder in which to place completed videos (default: same-as-original)

Sample Execution:

Found File: /Users/markkah/Desktop/08:23:2011/
Found File: /Users/markkah/Desktop/08:23:2011/
Found File: /Users/markkah/Desktop/08:23:2011/
Encoding:  ✓ Success!
Encoding:  ✓ Success!
Encoding:   [###########         ] 57.93%  ETA: 1s