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This is an Angular web app to let you play BerryBots in a browser. You can try
it on the web at:

The UI includes:
  * A code editor with nice colors and Lua syntax highlighting.
  * A configuration pane for selecting from a few of the sample stages (with
    pictures!), plus an opponent appropriate for the stage (if any).
  * A "starter kit", so you can begin by selecting from a few movement and
    targeting snippets. In a few clicks, you can have a pretty decent bot.
  * A "sample bots" gallery, so you can begin by browsing some of the sample
    bots and starting from their code.

On submit, a Perl script saves your code, runs the BerryBots match (headless)
on a server, saves the replay, and loads the replay URL in an iframe.

To set this up yourself:
  * It's branched from angular-seed:
    So you might want to check its README too. First off, you'll need node.js
    and its package manager (npm) from
  * Once you have that, run:
      ~> npm install
    to get the dependencies ("node_modules" and "app/bower_components").
  * Then you can do:
    * "npm start" to run the server locally: http://localhost:8000
    * ...or "npm test" to run the unit tests.
    * ...or "npm run protractor" to run the end-to-end tests.
  * To actually serve it, copy app/* files to your web server, eg /var/www.
  * Compile the BerryBots 'webui' Makefile target from source on your server.
      ~> unzip ~/Downloads/
      ~> cd berrybots
      ~/berrybots> ./configure --with-nodeps
      ~/berrybots> make webui
  * Copy the latest replay JS from BerryBots to the web UI replays directory.
      cp ~/berrybots/replays/*.js /var/www/replays
  * Update /var/www/cgi-bin/ to point to the BerryBots instance and
    web replays directories.
  * Modify permissions to ensure your web server can execute BerryBots, that the
    web replays directory is writeable, and that the files in cgi-bin are


Web UI for BerryBots, a Lua programming game.




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