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Best Arcade Tool

Use this tool to generate sorted romsets keeping only the games referenced in the BestArcade list, above and equal to the working state level you choose.

Fbneo version currently handled is October 10th, 2019


  • It's not clrmamepro and will not check that your romsets files are in the right version number
  • It only works with non-merged sets, split and merged sets are not supported, use clrmamepro to generate non-merged sets if needed
  • It doesn't handle CHD
  • It only works on Windows, well it should work on Linux by launching it manually with Python 3.7, but it needs testing to be sure.


  • Generate BestArcade romsets by using your fbneo, mame2003, mame2003plus and mame2010 non-merged sets, your original sets will be kept intact
  • Generate basic gamelist (Recalbox format but should work for other distribs) for your sets, with optional images. Genre images were generated with the awesome site
  • Generate csv files documenting the generated sets
  • Generate a scoresheet comparing working level in generated sets
  • Generate dat files for the generated romsets


Just execute BestArcade.exe After execution your will find your generated romsets in your exportDir See next part for configuration explanation

Verify will check the validity of the various folders

Save will save you configuration to both the conf.conf file (making a copy of the previous conf.conf file to conf.bak) and in memory

Proceed will save you configuration in memory only, leaving your conf.conf file intact and launch the whole process

You can build your own version with the instructions found in build.txt


You can modify your configuration by editing the conf.conf file either directly or from the UI with your own parameters :

  • exportDir : the target directory for generation, warning its whole content will be erased (you will be prompted) at the begining of the script
  • fbneo, mame2003, mame2003plus, mame2010 : the path to your original sets, this will be left untouched by the script
  • images: Paths to your images folder (flyers, screenshot, etc) separated by ';', will be checked in consecutive order
  • imgNameFormat : the image name format in your images folder, '{rom}' part will be replaced by each rom name
  • dryRun : If put to 1, will do a dry run, generating only csv and dat files without copying roms and bios, good for testing
  • keepLevel: the working state level at which you will keep the roms in the generated romset (i.e keepLevel 2 will keep only MOSTLY_WORKING and WORKING roms)
  • keepNotTested: determines if untested roms will be kept or not, even in STRICT mode
  • exclusionType: determines how roms will be kept (based on their working state level) if you use several romsets
  • preferedSet: in strict mode, if rom has same working level in several sets, preferedSet will be chosen
  • usePreferedSetForGenre : in strict mode, activate use of prefered set for specific genres
  • BeatEmUpPreferedSet,GunPreferedSet,MiscPreferedSet,PlatformPreferedSet,PuzzlePreferedSet,RacePreferedSet,RunNGunPreferedSet,ShootEmUpPreferedSet,SportPreferedSet,VsFightingPreferedSet list of settings for prefered set for genre
  • genreSubFolders: determines if your romset will use sub folders for genre or not
  • useImages: determines if images will be used for gamelist
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