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A lightweight extensible listview plug-in for jQuery mobile
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Extensible listview for jQuery Mobile

What is it

A lightweight jQuery Mobile Plug-in that applies the listview Plug-in and splits up the list into handy chunks. It automatically adds a "more" button to show more chunks.

How to use

Put and into your jQuery Mobile application like you would do with any other plugin. You can then easily add the data-role "extensiblelist" to any ul Element and make it an extensible list.

<ul data-role="extensiblelist">
  <li>Item 1</li>
  <li>Item 2</li>
  <li>Item 3</li>
  <li>Item 4</li>
  <li>Item 5</li>
  <li>Item 6</li>
  <li>Item 7</li>
  <li>Item 8</li>

Take a look at the examples or try out this jsfiddle

Data-attribute reference

  • data-extlst-placeholder - string, Default = 'more'

    Text that will be written on the button at the end of the list.

  • data-extlst-size - number, Default = 5

    Size of the chuncks.

  • data-extlst-grabspace - boolean, Default = false

    Initially show as much items as possible. But never less than data-extlst-size. The space each item needs is calculated from the first non list-divider item. So this only works properly if all items have the same height. Use only when there is one extensiblelist on the page.

  • data-extlst-autoscroll - boolean, Default = false

    Scrolls to the bottom of the list, so that the more button will be visible. Use only when there is one extensiblelist on the page.

  • data-extlst-showcount - boolean, Default = true

    Display the count bubble.


If your looking for a more feature rich (but complex) solution, including templates and other handy stuff take look at LazyLoader Widget for jQuery Mobile

For a more lightweight lazy loading plugin check out my Plug-In lazylist

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